Monday, February 2, 2015

A day at West Edmonton Mall

Tonight, we explored West Edmonton Mall, the largest shopping mall in North America and the tenth largest in the world!
There are over 800 stores and services here!  It is incredible to see how differently each area of the mall is decorated.
There is an ice rink right in the middle of the mall!  We enjoyed watching the kids learning how to skate.
Galaxyland is an indoor amusement park with 24 rides.  How strange!  We thought shopping malls were for shopping.
We got hungry while we were at the Mall, but it was so hard to choose from all the restaurants available.
 We found an old-style payphone, so we tried to call home to Germany.  Unfortunately it was 3:00 AM over there!
Finally, dinner!  Some bread to start, and one of Myra's friends had a Heineken beer at our suggestion.
There was an antique scale at the entrance to the restaurant.  It's a good thing it didn't work because we ate way too much for dinner!
We helped Myra get some money from the back machine so we could buy something from her favourite store.
On our way to the store, we saw a really long line up of families.  We wondered what was going on.
They were all lined up for the evening swim at the World Waterpark, the world's second largest indoor waterpark!
Myra's favourite store is a tea store called David's Tea.  They have a wonderful tea called "Oh Canada!" that we may have to buy and bring home with us.  There were also tea greeting cards in both official languages in Canada, English and French.
We missed the show at Sea Lions' Rock, but we saw the spectators having their photos taken with a resident penguin.
There is a replica of the Santa María, one of the ships sailed by Christopher Columbus, in the mall! It was built in 1986.
We had to go down and take a closer look.
We had fun driving a little remote control boat around for a while.
Then we saw the miniature golf course and had fun there for a bit longer.
Ooof! That was a lot of walking around the mall.  We took a break at this statue of some Alberta oil workers.  Oil and gas is a major industry in this province.

After getting some souvenirs to bring home, we headed back to Myra's place.  You will have to wait until we get home to see what we got!

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