Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fort Edmonton

The North Saskatchewan River runs through Edmonton. Myra showed us 3 of the many bridges that cross the river: the High Level Bridge for cars on top, the Edmonton transit light rail bridge in the middle, and a pedestrian bridge underneath.
 Ooof, I'm so tired Paul. We need to take a break!
 We rested at the foot of this spot that marks the original location of Fort Edmonton in 1830.
 This is a statue of Donald Alexander Smith, 1st Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal who, among many accomplishments, was one of the founding members of the Canadian Pacific Railway.
 Can you see us? We are sitting on the feet of this totem pole, built by the Kwakiutl people of British Columbia in 1971.

After all our exploring, we had fun in the snow. I kept asking Paul to help me build my snowman, but he felt like making snow angels instead.
 We enjoyed learning more about Alberta on this lovely winter day. We can't wait to see what is next on our trip here.

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