Saturday, August 10, 2013

Irish cuisine!

We did a lot of food shopping and cooking today. Eve always cooks dinners for 2-3 weeks ahead because she doesn’t like to cook in the evening after a long day in work, so we helped her make 5 big pots full of food. Hans got a bit too curious and hungry, he almost fell into the Bolognese but he wouldn’t have minded too much, he could’ve eaten his way out.
In the evening we went outside for a while, Eve lives right by the canal which goes right across Dublin and when the weather is nice it’s beautiful to sit there and read or have a chat with friends. Eve has her theory test for her driver’s licence tomorrow afternoon so she did some studying but we wanted to talk to her so we just sat on the book. Here in Ireland you don’t have to do lessons for the theory test; you just buy a book and learn all the answers. So fingers crossed she passes the test, she’s a bit worried!

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