Saturday, July 27, 2013

We visit the palace gardens Harbke

Today we visited the former border town Harbke with the romantic palace gardens, a manor and the palace church.
The manor was built in 1308 as a medieval round castle in renaissance style and redesigned in the 18th century in baroque style.
Here they cultivated foreign woods and close to the church you can find which is probably the oldest ginkgo in Germany. It was planted in 1759 and it's very comfortable to sit in. (Fotos 3 und 4)

We also looked at the different sculptures in the park, how exciting! Even Goethe visited in 1805 and studied the wild breeding of trees.

On Sunday we were allowed to be there for the honey harvest.
First the honey combs were opened with a special fork. The opened combs are extracted in the honey separator and at the bottom the yummy sweet honey comes flowing out.

We had an exciting time and learned a lot.
Now we have to say goodbye as we have another trip planned.
All the best, Hans and Paul.

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