Saturday, August 10, 2013

We visit Ireland

After a long and complicated trip we are finally in Ireland. We just got collected at the post office (Oifig an Phoist) and are on our way home. We are staying with a girl called Eve, she is 27 and from Hannover in Germany but has been living in Ireland for over 7 years, we are with her in Dublin now, where she has been living for about 5 years. This is us on the Luas, the tram, which is one of the three means of public transportation in Dublin. The seats have prints of several sights on them.  
We were so tired from the trip that we just went home to relax, Eve was tired as well as she just came back from a camping trip in Dingle which we unfortunately missed but there will be loads of exciting things happening over the next couple of days so we’re not too sad! 

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