Sunday, August 11, 2013

A trip to the coast

The weather is beautiful today. We are helping Eve to dry out her tent from the camping trip but we were messing around so much that she put us in the tent and we can’t get up to anything any more.
In the afternoon we went to the beach with Eve’s friend Liesa, she’s South African and really funny! Nobody told us that the weather in Ireland can be nice, it’s 27 degrees today (very hot for Ireland) and we’re sitting here in long trousers, heavy boots and coats! The beach was lovely, Dublin has lots of them close to the city as it’s right at the coast and we went to one at a place called Sandymount in South Dublin City. The tide was out and there were lots of people there and in the distance between Howth Peninsula and Dun Laoghaire (yes, Irish place names are sometimes really weird, you pronounce this “Dun Leary”) there were lots of sailing boats and yachts in Dublin Bay. This is us at the beach, the big blob over Paul’s head is a massive dog, we were a little bit scared but he seemed nice. The other photo shows all the boats.
Eve plays Tag Rugby and was helping out a team today but because we were running late (well, it’s really Eve’s fault, she talked to her friend for too long) we didn’t get a chance to take pictures. But next Wednesday she is playing with her own team again so there will be plenty of time to kick the ball around. We heard it’s a funny shape, a bit like an egg, we didn’t even get to see because we were stuck in the bag the whole time.

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