Friday, April 5, 2013

We went to the Market Square in Wrocław

Hello to everyone,
yesterday on Thursday we went to Market Square, which is the social and cultural centre of Wrocław.
This is the place of meetings, happenings, concerts and performance art, lined with terraced cafes, restaurants and pubs, with outdoor gardens in the summer. Unfortunately, there wasn't open any beer garden yet, because of the cold weather. The Market Square is surrounded by houses of historical importance and many of them reconstructed after the siege of Wrocław in 1945.  
We saw the Tawn Hall, which is the most outstanding monument in the Market. On the top of the tower is the city crest and the astronomic clock from 1580.  
Near the entrance to the Tawn Hall is hall thumbnail, so small as you can see it on the picture.
Near the Market is standing big bear postument- the watering place in the summer. People rub his teeth for good luck, especially kids love to observe him. We also did it and stand there. It looks very scary!
  In the end of our trip to the Market Square we stayed on modern glass fountain which in the summer time looks fantastic when the light mixes with the water.  
We saw the picture!
Tommorow we are going to meet few more symbols of the city and it will be surprise...
See you soon:)

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