Monday, April 8, 2013


 We saw Warsaw the capital city of Poland this weekend. We went there by train with journalist from Branża Dziecięca.
There was no time to see a lot, but we saw one very famous monument. 
It's Palace of Culture and Sience. Warsaw got it as a ‘gift from the Soviet people’. It was offered by Joseph Stalin and completed in 1955. It is the highest building in Poland (42 floors) and it has over 3,000 rooms, including offices, institution headquarters and the Polish Academy of Sciences. ThePalace has also a post office, cinema, swimming pool, museums, libraries and theaters. 
The palace is one of the largest conference facilities in Warsaw. There is also The Congress Hall and Concert Hall which has host international artisits as Marlene Dietrich, Procol Harum, Bruce Springsteen, Cesaria Evora, The Rolling Stones, Woody Allen with his band and many others.

See you soon
your Hans and Paul

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