Saturday, April 6, 2013

We met some dwarves in the city

Dwarves are the smallest residents in main city of lower Silesia, but they still bigger than we are :)
 We met them during our trip. They are very popular as tourist attraction. They are everywhere!
On the lamp, near the bank, on the sidewalk, wherever you look you can see small creatures in hats.
We met:
Busker and Music lover on Oławska Street, in front of a flower shop.
They both consider themselves talented in music, so they entertain the passer-by with some dwarf music.
They assist in the renovations - they began rolling the nearest granite ball assigned to decorate Świdnicka Street.
W-SKERS, Blind and Death- Mute.
They are three ambassadors of the initiative “Wrocław without barriers”, situated near the entrance to Museum of City Art.
We still waiting for spring here. Maybe tomorrow...Have a great weekend!

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