Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sightseeing in Wrocław

Hi there,
yesterday it was our one before last day in Poland, so we went to say goodbye to Wrocław.
We saw newly renovated Wrocław Main Railway Station.
There was another two Railway Dwarves,
first called Luggage - puller
and second one on the top of huge case in front of the entrance to railway- Suitcase- sitter.
We also saw interesting statue of anonymous passer- by called 'Gateway' made by polish artist Jerzy Kalina.

Later we went to the oldest part of the city - Ostrów Tumski (the name means 'Cathedral Island' in Polish),
here you’ll find very old churches, cobbled lanes and original gas lamps. We went across green iron Tumski Bridge, where we saw a lot of padlocks.
People in love placed them there to symbolise the unbreakable bond they share.
Later we popped into Wrocław’s proper marketplace Hala Targowa. There is a lot of fruits, vegetables, flowers, small shops.
We were quite hungry after long walk, so we had a chance to try “pierogi” (tasty dumplings with cheese, meat or cabbage).
In the end of our trip today we rest on a typical mailbox.

It was very exciting day.

We are sure that we are going home tommorow...


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