Friday, October 26, 2012

We visit the oldtown of Tallinn

Yesterday we visited the seaside on Tallinn. We climbed to the top of the Linnahall (big hall tha was used for concerts and other big events before they built Saku Suurhall). Since it was very cloudy, we didn't get good pic of the sea this time. Did you know that EStonia is surrounded with sea from 2 sides? As small country than it is - they do have a lot of water. Estonia locates the side of Baltic sea. The water in that sea isn't actually very salty - less than should be to be usual sea. So here we are, looking at the sea.
 Behind us is Old Town. The treasure of Estonia. They have tryed to keep it as it was (but it's still changed much during the time). The city was surrounded with big stone wall that is pretty good stayed there (party ruined during the wars). The big tower behind ud use to be a cannon tower. It's the closest one to the sea, so when there was a threat - that's where they fired. Now it is a Marine Museum and has a name Paks Marhareeta (Fat Margareeta). There are some memorial tablets for the soldiers that hafe fight with estonians in the war.
That's the road that brings us to Old Town, to Seaside Gate. Like we sayd before - there's a lot of forrest in Estonia - even in town.
Almost in Old Town, the signs help us to orientate.
 Seaside gate to the Old Town. Beautyfuk isn't it? Left side is Paks Margareeta. As you can see the road are made of stones, not from asphalt. The Paks Margareta was built in 1518-1529. It got it's name in 1842, before that it was called Rosencrantz. That ended ended the city wall buikdings.

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