Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Toay we had traditional soup for dinner!

Toay we had traditional soup for dinner - peasoup. Little strange for us but intresting. Other traditional soup is cabbagesoup. They both have meat in them so men like us were full after eating. Afcourse they do many others too. When it's christmas time - they eat potatos, meat and bloodysausage. What's that you ask? For that you need to visit Estonia in December, they kindly offer that to you. And it tast much better than it sounds.
The other night we were driving in Lasnamäe kanal. This is long street in Tallinn that is long and you can drive faster there 'cause its' really big. It is made into the stone. As you can see our rightside - there it is! All natural stone. Sorry for the foggy picture, we were driving at the time, you part there only if you just had an accident - no room to do it otherwise.

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