Friday, October 12, 2012

We arrived in Tallinn the capital of Estonia

Hey there we just arrived to Estonia, it's autumn here. So leaves are everywhere but the grass is still green. It was pretty warm day for autumn when we arrived, strange but it was only 8°C. Strange!smile
And now we are enjoying the leaves! Yey!
 These are views from out host home. She lives in Tallinn - capital of Estonia. That part of town is called Mustamäe (to translate directly it would be something like blackhill). As you see there are lot of trees, it afcourse depends on the place but there are still lot of woods in Estonia. And they are very proud of it. Thanks to that they have enough of bears, wolves, foxes and other animals who needs forrest to live in. But still they can't take town too many trees - it will ruin the habitat.
 Our welcoming was very warm as you can see :-) Our host has a cat an so do many other people. About half the people our host knows (and maybe even more) have pets.
 Now we are on a balcony - behind us is Männipark (Pinepark). There atr many playgrounds for kids. Every playground is for different ages. It is pretty popluar park - people are coming here with cars and busses. Our host just needs to go across the street. This park is mainly for kids. There are lots of different parks in Estonia, hope we'll see some more.

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