Monday, October 29, 2012

Today we visited Toompark in Tallinn

Today we visited Toompark. It's the park just next to Old Town and Toompea castle (there is Estonian covernment). As you can see there is pond on the map - Shnelli pond, it use to be moat (a very long time ago), but were made to pond in 19th century. On the bottom you see grey tower - that's Pika Hermanni torn - Long Hermans Tower. That's the place where Estonian flag rises every morning.

So there's the Long Hermann Tower. Pretty big, and the walls seem to be still quit strong. The first part of that tower was built in 1360-1370. It was finished as it finally is on 16th century. The tower is 45m high. EStonian flag (blue-black-white), was pulled up there first time on 12th nov 1918. After that these was other flag for a long time but now it's wright flag again.
Seems that autumn didn't have enough od time to leave before the snow arrived. So we are enjoying 2 in 1.
So this is a Shnelli pond. Up there is citadel and the Long Hermann tower. Between pond and citadel is a stadium.

Look what we found! It's lumimari/snowberry (translated from word to word). It's nice bush with white berries. But don't eat them! They are poisonous.
In the park is one statue - Vacationer. It's intresting since it's not whole stattue - it's combined with the land.
And that's the other end of the pond. There's a lot of ducks on that pond too. Since they have got use to been feeded, they are nor affaid of the people. So this was the other side of the Old Town. We go and check out more soon.

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