Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We arrived savely in Imatra a smal city in Finland near to russian border!

We arrived at Imatra. It is smallish town in the east of Finland, very near to russian border. We are staying at the home of a nice couple. Their names are Susanna and Miika. They live in an old house, that used to be a railway station. So the railway tracks go right next to the house. Spring hasn´t come to Imatra yet, and there is a lot of snow. Maybe we can play some winter sports here.
We brought some souvenirs to our hosts. Here are some postcard of our home town and some delicious candies. Susanna and Miika were suprised and happy to get such nice souvenirs. We also have our own sleeping bags with us.
In Susanna´s and Miika´s house there live also a king and a queen with their court. They were excited to meet us. "Hertzlich willkommen!" said the king. "Ach, sprechen Sie Deutch?" we asked hime. But no, he didn´t speak any more German. He had only learned to welcome us in a warm way.
Because it was a long journey to Finland, we were quite tired. They showed our room in a doll´s house. The room looks a bit too romantic, but the bed is soft and extremely comfortable. So we won´t be needing our sleeping bags here. We took a little nap and rested a little. Later we will go sightseeing and get to know about Susanna´s and Miika´s work.

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  1. great to see the arrival was well prepared and organized!

    Have fun in Finland!