Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter preparations

It is Easter and it´s time to paint some eggs. This time we are not painting a real egg, although it looks real. This egg is filled with nougat and is manufactured by a finnish sweet factory Fazer. These Mignon Eggs have been a part of finnish Easter traditions for over 100 years. But what is interesting to know is that the original idea of filling real eggshells with nougat came from Germany! In 1896 Mr Karl Fazer was travelling in Germany and found this kind of eggs. He copied the idea and started to manufacture the same eggs in his factory.
Susanna has grown some grass for easter and we helped her to decorate it. She told us about a nice tradition of children dressing up as witches. Then they would knock on peoples doors and give them some decorated willow branches. In return the people would give the children easter eggs or other sweets. But sadly that witching day was one week ago. We would have loved to dress up and go for begging candies too.
Our hostess Susanna started to put some really weird brown stuff in a bowl. It looked like mud! Then she poured some cream all over it. We asked: "What is that awful-looking mud? Why do you put in in a bowl? Are you going to eat it?" Then she said: "Yes, I am. And so are you!"
This is MÄMMI. It is a very traditional finnish food for easter and is been eaten for hundreds of years. It is made of rye flour and malt. It looks terrible but tastes real good. At least some people think so. We love it now and so do Susanna and Miika.

We wish you all a very happy easter! See you next week again!

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