Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Last day in Finland...

On our last weekend in Imatra Susanna and Miika wanted to take us to nature. Finland is famous for its unspoiled forests and lakes. There are many great hiking paths in the national parks but also almost everywhere in the thousands of forests of this country. There are nice resting places by the hiking routes, which are usually very well taken care of. Normally the firewood and an outhouse is provided by the communities.
We went to Rautjärvi and visited Hiitolanjoki, which is a small river that runs from Finland to Russia. There was a place to make a fire and also a comfy lean-to shelter. It would be possible to spend a night in this kind of place, but this time we didn´t. Miika made a fire. Hiitolanjoki was a peaceful river in the copuntryside. We listened to the silence of the forest and the river.
Susanna and Miika had made us a packed dinner. We had sandwiches and we boiled the tea on the fire as well as finnish sausages. To be honest, finnish sausage is nothing like german! However we had a nice time and all food is always good when you eat outside!
On sunday there was a farewell party for us! Everbody was invited.
We danced for hours!
There was great music and two mermaids were singing. Some people say that it´s very dangerous to hear the mermaids sing, but these two girls were lovely and kind.
But now it´s time for us to go back home. We have enjoyed our visit here in Imatra, and apparently so have our hosts. "Bye bye, we will miss you a lot!" they said, when we waved goodbyes. We hope to get to visit Finland some time again. We would love to see Helsinki - the capital of Finland and maybe even Lapland!

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