Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The first days in Imatra with a lot of action!

We had a good, nourishing breakfast in the doll house. The lady of the house was serving us. This is what they call "karjalainen vieraanvaraisuus". It means karelian hospitality. Imatra is located in a part of Finland that is named Karelia. People here are extremely talkative and friendly. If you visit karelian people´s home, they always put a load of food in front of you.
After breakfast Susanna made us help her at work. She runs her own business and her workshop is at home. We had to sew some cleaning rags and actually Hans became quite a marvellous seamstress. This job was a bit boring and we were anxious to go outside and enjoy the snow.
Luckily we didn´t have to work all day. Our hosts were kind enough to make us skis! We were thrilled to be able to try and ski in the front yard.
Although Finland is a great nation of winter sports, this time the winner was Germany! Good for us!
But that was all of our free time of today. Later our host Miika took us to his work. He is a paramedic and works in an ambulance. They gave us uniforms and then we all waited for something to happen. We are going to spend the whole night at emergency duty.
The paramedics wanted us to learn CPR so that we could help the patients. So we needed to practise a lot. Tonight we are going to do extremely important job!
It´s going to be a busy night. We will save some human lives! The rescuers are coming! Piipaa-piipaa-piipaa!


  1. It has been so lovely to have Hans and Paul here with us!

    Paul mentioned me this morning, that I had glued the German flag upside down on the stick. I am truly sorry about this. I hope no-one in your home country was offended.

  2. Oh what a wonderfull time you're having!
    Nice to see sports are being done too. And learning CPR is always a good thing to learn.

    Finland sounds great and lovely! To bad it's a bit far from here.