Monday, September 6, 2010

Our second and third day in Vienna

We arrived in Graben, which is right where Stefansdom is. We are now standing in front of Stefansdom, and trying to imagine how we would be if we were to stand on the top of the cathedral since it is so tall. And there are also full of people, foreigners, the locals, street artists, cafes, souvenir shops, boutique shops etc. Angel plans to spend her day here since it seems that there is so much to discover and very beautiful.

This is the most well-known "Hundertwasserhaus"! We walked there from the U-bahn station Schwdenplatz, then reached the House on foot. It took three of us about 30 minutes. When we arrived in front of Hundertwasserhaus, there were many trees covering the building, thus we could only see a small part from that aspect.

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