Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And another day in Austria, Day 11!

We are back at the Main Station Graz again! But this time, we are going to Vienna!

The hostel we are about to stay in tonight. This one should be really special. The founder said he wanted to start his own hostel in Vienna, and this room is actually the only room he has. It is quite new, we think.
Spittelau! The place in which garbage is burnt.
Stock-im-Eisen Platz, which is on the corner of Graben. There is full of foreign visitors, and the locals, and cafes etc.If you ever wish to perchase boutique, it should be very ideal for you!
So, after the check-in at the hostel, we took the U-Bahn (metro) Line 3 to the last station, Simmering, then transferred at Tram 71, to Zentralfriedhof Wien.
Tor 2 (Gate 2)
Tor 1 (Gate 1)
The church in Zentralfriedhof.
This is really a fine dish - Called "Karl Valentin". The fried meat also includes melting cheese and a piece of ham.
Back at the Staatsoper. Staatoper bei Nacht!

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