Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back in Vienna and on the way to Innsbruck

This morning, we are going back to Vienna! Angel missed the train at 7:51 a.m, thus we are not on the second train, which would head towards the beautiful city at 9:00 a.m.
Guess where we are - Prater! How exciting it is to see the Reisenrad!
Today, we are going to Innsbruck. The train will take about 5 hours to ride on. We should be patient...
On our way, the train's final destination is Bregenz, Vorarlberg, and it drove past by The Hauptbahnhof Salzburg, and also the one in Innsbruck. We are getting off. Salzburg is such a wonderful province un Austria! Though we will not manage to go there this time, it is definitely worth going because, you know, there is a world classic film, "Sound of Music", and that is where the movie was shot.

The seventh day of ours journey!
Now we are in Innsbruck, arrived safely.
Some random views on our way to th hostel at Rennweg, Innsbruck.
We are walking around in the Old Town (Altstadt). The house Ottoburg was firstly built as an Innsbruck Castle. Then in 1498, The Emperor Maximilian I got this house from his father. Since then, he and his two kids lived in this building for a while. Then in 1588, Georg Reitter, who was a salesman in Venice bought this house. Nowadays, Ottoburg is used as a restaurant
This Bauern Omelett is awesome!!!

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