Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My first day in Krems

My envelope and all the other nice postcards erlkoenigstochter got today.
Erlkoenigstochter (ekt) opening my envelope. It was in the letterbox since 11:00. Today we had 0°C. My host family came home from school, kindergarden and work at 17:45.
ekt releases me from my envelope. Although I had my warm napkin-blanket with me my hands were icy.
- in the frontyou can see the fairy, who came with me from Vienna. She promised me to help me on my search of Hans.
That's the first thing I did in Krems! I was warming my hands on - well, you can see it! The lady is on a Krampus-Postcard I brought with me from Vienna, as a present for ekt.
The tradition to send postcards on the Dec. 6th, Nikolaustag, (without stamps) goes back to the year 1870. They were sent anonymous between boys <-->girls. The Krampus is St. Nicholas helper. St. Nicholas visits the children on Dec. 6th and brings them presents, if they were good. If not the Krampus beats them with his rod or puts them into his sack.
Afterwards I remembered my good education and shook hands with Apfelmaus (5),...
Erdbeermaus (8),..
ekt's husband and
of course ekt.
In the back you can also see some postcards I brought with me. These are Wachau maps. I am well prepared for this journey. Maybe the map cards may help me to find Hans?
The card from Cambodia was a gift from my Viennese host for ekt.
Here's the house where I am going to stay the next 2 weeks. Isn't it an impressing mansion?
Here's my room. It's a nice room in the first floor and I can get onto the balcony from my room. The curtains are something you have to get used too, but the bed looks cosy.
The maidservant! offers me some bread and tea at the fireplace. What a great idea after spending the day in a cold letterbox! I left my backpack, hat, camera and walking stck in my room. This evening I only want to relax.
Me after having tea enjoying the warm, crackling fire.
These place seems to be so right. I saw some people here that have my size! Maybe someone saw Hans? Tomorrow ekt will take me to her working place: a kindergarden. She told me that Flora has her 3rd birthday tomorrow. I should go to bed early, this sounds to be fun, but also exhausting. It's been a long time since I have been with children.
A hot bath and a glass of Wachauer wine...
I've gone to bed early.
Through my window I can see the moon and the stars and trees full of snow. I'll try to make a picture tomorrow.
Watching the stars and thinking about Hans, my journey, my hosts, the days to come, ...
Fast asleep...

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