Monday, January 18, 2010

A day with Erdbeermaus in her children's playroom

ALL following Playmobil pictures made by Erdbeermaus (8) with her own camera.
Look whom I met! The Easter Bunny. I think he is a bit too early this year, but I did not tell him. I am afraid if I snub him I'll get no easter eggs this year.
I was visiting a dolphinarium today.
The people here already heard about my journey and I got a free ticket and the manager welcomed me!
A place in the first row, wow!
Erdbeermaus wrote: Where is Paul?
Oh, here is Paul!
What a great experience!
Good Bye!
This child asked me, if I'd like to fed the donkeys.
Thank you!
Then I met this guy, he is the alligator keeper at this zoo!
Where is my hat? Has the alligator eaten it?
No, I left my hat in a secure distance. Imagine I would have to travel around the world without my hat!

Thank you Erdbeermaus for the great day at your children's playroom

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