Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A day in the Kindergarten

Having breakfast at 6:00 with Erdbeermaus and Apfelmaus.
It's still night, I am not used to getting up that early. So I only took a cup of coffee.
That's Flora, who celebrated her 3rd birthday and invitated me to sit with her on the birthday throne.
Apfelmaus is sharing her breakfast with me! We have breakfast together and afterwards ekt promised to tell us a fairy tale of a hedgehog.
Niklas, Michael and Maxi taught me this funny dice game!
That's me with "my man". I like purple. But even if I did not like it, it was the only man who was left, because the kids were faster in choosing a color than me.
Ekt showed me how to fold the paper and cut snowflakes! It's very difficult, although it looked so easy when I watched the children.
We built a huge snow-woman! I like the way she wears her hair. :) Apfelmaus is standing next to me, she wears pink.
If I ever meet a woman, it is absolutely necessary that she's about my size.
Sorry Honey, you'll have to look for a nice snow-guy
But I can understand you, I am a very handsome fellow in the coat and cap ekt lent me.
I tried to build my own snowman.
Remember me to pack mittens in my backpack for the next journey!
Franziska, Carmen and Carina marvelling at my snowman.
A blackbird came and took my snow-man's nose! I am happy I survived this dangerous attack.

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