Thursday, February 5, 2015

A walk in Edmonton

Today we visited Churchill Square in downtown Edmonton.
 Yes, it is named after Sir Winston Churchill, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
 At the north end of the square is Edmonton City Hall with the 200 foot clock tower. We liked the sound of the carillon bells that rang at every hour.
 The water fountain in front of city hall is turned into a skating rink during the winter. It looked like so much fun!
This statue honours the pioneer women of Alberta.
 There is a war memorial in front of city hall, so we took a moment to honour those lost at war.
Myra says it's more common to see French and English street signs in Eastern Canada, but we found one here too.

We passed by the offices of the Edmonton Sport Museum and Hall of Fame.
 We were impressed by the architecture of the Art Gallery of Alberta.
Then we met this nice gentleman who was on his lunch break.
 The south end of Churchill Square is used for various festivals and fairs. It is usually full of people in the summertime.
 We have had a great time staying in Edmonton! As our time in Canada draws to a close, we wonder where our next adventure will be...

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