Wednesday, March 26, 2014

We take a Walk through Tokushima

We are having a good time in Japan. Tokshushima is a nice place to take a walk.
The other day, we walked around and found these wonderful old buildings – a castle and a pagoda.
They look like they were built just for us! I wonder if we could live here? 
 We saw a small shrine on our walk. The white paper and rope at the top means it is a Shinto shrine. The paper and rope are used to show people that it is a holy place. Shinto is the traditional religion of Japan. There are many small shrines like this one along the roads or in the mountains. People often stop to pray for protection from harm or to give thanks. We stopped here because we are thankful for our visit to Japan.
Then we walked along the river. The boats move pretty fast. It is a big river and very pretty. The trees are not blooming yet, but the weather forecaster said the cherry blossoms should bloom next week.
 Who's climbing up that building? Is it King Kong? I thought he was in New York! What is he doing in Tokushima? Let's go before he gets angry!
We were pretty tired after our walk, so we came home to help Heather write some postcards. Which ones should we choose? Japan? Anime? Television Shows?
We want to write a letter using the paper we made last weekend.
We are glad she didn't have too many postcards to write ... it was a busy day, so we should go to bed soon. Good night, everyone. Or, in Japanese, "O-yasuminasai!"
Hans and Paul

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