Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We climb a mountain

It was a beautiful day, so our hosts decided to climb Bizan. It means “Eyebrow Mountain” in Japanese, and from far away, it really does look like an eyebrow. But we only saw it close up.
Along the path are old graves, from the lords and samurai who used to rule here about two hundred years ago.
This is such a steep path! 
Look at this interesting Japanese. Paul decided he wanted a closer view, so he is sitting inside the Japanese number two. It is a very big and old rock. We were curious about it, but our hosts don't know why this big rock is in the middle of the mountain!
Are we there yet?
We made it! Can you see where we are staying? I can almost touch our hosts' apartment building – it is the long brown one here. It is really hazy today – that's too bad. Heather says that on a clear day she can see the mountains on the islands next to us.
On our way back down now, we are tired and having fun. Let's climb this little mountain and see where the path goes?
On our way down we stopped under the ropeway. We wanted to ride it down, but it is closed for maintenance. We're only halfway down!
Look at the steep path we just came down! It was quite slippery. There are many different paths down the mountain, and we don't want to say anything bad about our hosts, but it is possible they chose the wrong path down :) Next time, we will take a different path down!
What a lovely day! It was really nice to be out in the fresh air – we are so glad it stopped raining.
Hope you are well!
Hans and Paul

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