Friday, March 21, 2014

We go out for sushi

After we finished, we were very hungry, so our hosts took us to a sushi restaurant. It is so fun to watch all the sushi glide past. There are many kinds of sushi – salmon, tuna, octopus, prawns, eel, fish eggs ... we tried them all! 
 With Octopus
With Prawns
It is taller than us!
What is it? Oh, it's fish eggs!
They also sell other foods too, including clam miso soup - it was delicious!
Do we want tuna or salmon?
And if you don't see something on the conveyor belt that you want, you can order fresh sushi and it is sent to your table.
They even sell sushi made of smoked ham and apple. It reminds us of Germany.
We are very full now. Maybe we should go home and get some sleep.
Good night for now. We will write more later
Paul and Hans

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  1. You make me being hungry !! All look so good !!!