Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our next stop is a smal German village called Doveren

Our next host, who accommodated us in the little German village Doveren, was up to her ears in work, when we arrived at her door.
She was relieved to get a break and showed us with pleasure our beds for the next days and other parts of her house.

As we entered her room, we got shocked. We saw several books, lying all over the floor, surrounding a computer with a headset. When we asked her, what has happened in this room, she just replied:” my work for Youtube!”
Our host told us that she records audio books of the books we saw on the floor and that she uploads them to Youtube. Furthermore she asked us for our help, because she wanted to start with a new audio book, but could not decide which book she should choose. After this, we also helped her to cut the recorded audio on the computer. We experienced that producing a video takes a long time and also needs much patience.

Her male hamster, named Tina, also felt happy about our visit and instantly tried to eat us.


  1. I love the hamster! You guys look so big!

  2. That is true! So cool, that you are still folliwing the blog ;)