Friday, March 22, 2013

A day in the "Rundlings" museum in Lübeln

Today we visit the  "Rundlings" museum in Lübeln a smal village next to Lüchow in the nice Wendland.
The "Rundlings" museum is a smal outdoor museum.
The entrance is in this nice old farmhouse. 
 Hey guys, we are sitting on an old farmersbed and we are so tired.
 Here is an old hearth!
 Oh look such an old and nice loom!
 We are sitting on an old oil lamp nex to a child's bed.
 This wattle fence was made by wickerbrushwood.
 We made the last ride in the snow with this old sleigh.
 The whole village is built in a big circle. Have a look at the model wa are sitting on.
 In one of the old houses we found an old weddingdress.
 Paul takes care that no one come in to the toilette.
Now we are at the end of our walk! It was a great day! If you like visit the homepage

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