Saturday, March 9, 2013

A day at school and we did a lot of work for a fantastic YouTube Channel

Today we accompanied our host to school. She took us to her classes and explained us the educational system.
She is in her final year in school, year 13 and has to do the “Abitur”, the school leaving examination, soon.
Two years ago she had to choose two school subjects as advanced courses. These courses have more lessons per week, because you have to learn more than in normal courses.

Her biology course welcomed us warmly and even took a souvenir photo with us!

It’s only one month till the last exams, the stress increases and the pupils have to learn all day.

Paul helps with Math
Hans also learns diligently: German!
Even after an exhausting day at school there is no time for relaxing, because more work for Youtube has to be done.
 visit Melinas YouTub Channel
and her Facebook page
and get a fan of her work! ;-)
In the evening we went to the all you can eat restaurant "Grand Canyon" to relax from the stress of the day.

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