Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We went out for dinner

We went out for dinner last night, to a local pub.  There was a menu for adults and a menu for children, but no menu for small backpackers, but everyone was happy to share with us.

There are a lot of sheep in New Zealand, which means that there is a lot of lamb available to eat, and it is delicious.  With some ratatouille and mashed potatoes on the side? Don't mind if we do, thanks!
Lots of people in New Zealand seem to like to have tomato sauce on their food.  Sometimes the sauce comes in these fun bottles, shaped like a tomato.

Some people were looking through the window and wondering why our family was taking photos of their dinner and of us.  We went over to the window and explained that we are world famous world travellers, and asked them to follow us on our blog adventures.  They were excited to take one of our cards, and promised to look us up. So, Hi new friends!

What is dinner without dessert?  Not worth having!

On our way past the bar, we saw a strange creature sitting on one of the taps.  We went for a closer look, and saw it was a knitted tuatara, sitting on top of the Tuatara beer tap.  Tuatara are lizards native to New Zealand, they are very ancient and endangered.  We felt very lucky to have met one at the pub, maybe one day we will see a real live tuatara.

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