Sunday, December 16, 2012

We are going to the cafe

We went shopping with our family in the centre of the city in Wellington.  One of the best shopping streets is Cuba Street (named for one of the early settler ships).  It is a pedestrian mall, and in good weather there are lots of people shopping and sitting at cafes enjoying good coffee and nice cake.

There is a really fun fountain in the Cuba Street mall called the Bucket Fountain.  Water runs into the buckets, and as they fill, they tip into the buckets below, until they tip into the buckets below that.  When the bottom buckets are full they tip and spill water everywhere, if shoppers aren't careful they get wet!  Can you see the water spilling right behind us?

Shopping makes everyone hungry, so we stopped at one of Wellington's many great cafes for a drink and a nibble. 

Yum!  We love cookies.  It is as well that small backpackers can eat a lot and not put on any weight at all.

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