Friday, December 7, 2012

Summer in Wellington

It's December, and that is the start of summer in New Zealand.  The weather has been really strange, though, with lots of storms and wind, but some very sunny days as well. 

We were hoping to share the view of the harbour with you, but looking out the window all we could see was cloud and rain.  Wellington is like this sometimes, the weather changes quickly, some days seem like all four seasons at once.  On days like this, it is probably best to stay inside and read.

On Saturdays, one of the children in our host family plays cricket.  Cricket is a really popular summer sport in New Zealand, and when we went to watch it was sunny and clear.  We don't really understand the rules of cricket, but we loved sitting and soaking up the atmosphere, and enjoying the views of the mountains and city. 

We are staying in a house where there is lots of crafting and making.  We decided to help with some spinning.  The green fluff is wool, alpaca and silk, and the yarn will likely be knitted into a scarf or a shawl.  Lots of people in New Zealand know how to spin, and there are millions of sheep for the fibre, and some of the best spinning wheels in the world are made in New Zealand.  I wonder if someone will knit us new hats?

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