Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We went to preschool in Säkylä

Wednesday we went to preschool. We spend there a hole day. Nora went to work, but Päivi take care of us.
First in the morning Nora told children who were are and where are we coming from and of course were we have travel. Nurses and kids were made a table. It tells us something about Finland, like water, forest and snow.
Near Säkylä is place called Naantali. It is a place were Moomin valley locates. Preschool had a mini-version of Moomin house. They welcome us warmly.
Kids have an art-lesson. They start to make water landscape and we can help them.. When we are ready we finally can go swim!
Daycontinued tooutdoor plays. Kids love to climb on everything. And… we love it too!
In the afternoon we are little bit dirty and ready to go home.
At home Nora put us in the bath.
It is harvesting time in Finland. Grapes were ready to pick up in Noras greenhouse.

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