Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An other exciting day in Säkylä

Next day was a working day. The route to the work was so beautiful, sun was shining and we saw a small lake. We would like to go swim, but work was expecting and we had to go on.
Nora works as a dentist assistant. Shetook care of our teeth and we can do some small things ourselves.
In the evening was a dog training session. Today it was agility. It was fun, even though thewaterwas raining. Summer in Finland has been very rainy this year.
Säkylä is a small town by the lake Pyhäjärvi, in western Finland. We were watching the sun set by the lake and visit in nearest fields. Säkylä is rather flat place, so we can saw far away field after field. Nora told us that there is one high place, ridge called Porsaanharju.  We would like to do trip there too.
Friday was full of jobs. First at dental clinic and after that gardening and making apple jam. We went to bed so late that night and we were exhausted.

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