Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our second week in Finland

Second week starts with a trip to Raisio. First we went to shopping and eating in the restaurant.
Noras friend has a beatysalong witch takes care of feets. Place is called Mirvas and we got a pedicyr there.
On our way back Säkylä we see a beautiful rainbow.
Sunday we make a trip to Porsaanharju. It is ridge with good views. Far away you can see lake Pyhäjärvi.
We found a  bear in a resting area and we take a ride with it!
Finnishendurochampionship race was in Säkylä. We went to see that. It was so cool! We sat on the tree in the best place and watch competitions.
AT home we were talking so much motorbikes that Nora thought we have to try it for ourselves. Noras friend Päivi found just perfect bikes for us. Ou jee, it was fun!
Afternoon we make again some gardening in Noras garden. There were mysterious construction, it looks like someone’s home. Maybea fairyore?

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  1. Wohou! Great motorbikes! And a pedicure! What a combination!