Thursday, September 15, 2011

We went on our first trip in Sweden. At trip to Jönköping

We went on at trip to Jönköping located in the province Småland. Our hosts was invited to a wedding.
Here we took a break, and the sign was great;-).
When they was on the wedding, we was relaxing in the hotell...;-)
And the day after we went to a sweet little town. It was a funny sign...
There was a hot air ballon, remainding of engineer Andrée´s polar expedition. S. A Andrée was born in Gränna.
The city was really cute!
Here we are in front of Grenna international school.
Meeting a really cute fellow:-)
Can you see us?
We started to understand why our hosts told us that it was a sweet little town!
Everywhere could you see shops making peppermint rocks!!! Yeah!

At the shop Polkapojkarna we meet three great guy´s, one showed us how to make
peppermint rocks.
One gave us a taste from a peppermint rock which still was warm and mmmmmm!
And one sold some of the god stuff to us;-) He also told us that they was "second generation" in this sugar bakery.
A pit stop at The ruin of the castle Brahehus.
One more visit in a famous little town, Vadstena.
Do you know this lady...?
This is her" church.
Yes, right! Saint Birgitta. we found a modell of the Vadstena abby - the sisters convent.
They are still living here and the also have hotell.
Small guy´s watching small guy´s...

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