Friday, September 30, 2011

We visit Stockholm, the capitol of Sweden!

Ta-dah! Stockholm here we come! The city hall with the three crowns on top.
The capitol of Sweden are built on 14 islands, so it´s water everywhere!
The flag told us that the king of Sweden was at home:-)
But he did not come out to greet us ... and we did not get past the Guard nor to visit him;-)
Hi, can you see us posing with the guard?! He was no so enthusiastic...Hint: look down left...
The Palace "backyard"
This is the tower belonging Stockholm cathedral.
Viktoria married her Daniel there last summer:-)
The Sager House (Sagerska huset) or Sager Palace (Sagerska palatset)
is the official residence of the Prime Minister of Sweden at Strömgatan 18.
Unfortunately it is now being renovated and is green ...;-)
Nice view at the parliament buildings.
And then we walked to the old town and it was great to see all the old houses and it was really a lot of people here, most tourist like us.
And the narrow streets of cobblestone.
various street musicians
We met a famous Swedish writer and her characters...(Astrid Lindgren)
More streets of cobblestone.
And we also met a famous swedish author, artist, composer and singer.
He is best known for his folk songs, and is widely regarded
as one of Sweden's most respected musicians. (Evert Taube)
Tired of the feet, but happy, we ended our tour Stockholm at Sergel Square.
There's plenty more to see, but we were completely exhausted.
Hope that we come to Stockholm again!

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