Sunday, September 18, 2011

A realy nice sunny day in Västerås, we love Sweden!

Here we are in front of the City hotel and the statue called Asea-strömmen (the ASEA-stream) It is a tribute ti the men working at ASEA(ABB) and they where going by bikes every day for work:-)
I´m on the top of the world looking...Not really but we looked down on the farmers market.

Waow! The skyscraper of Västerås 81m high...

Pretty nice view anyhow:-)
After the gorgeous view we went to a funny store with a lot of swedish stuff and with a little touch of german...!
Today we went to the City hall. It has a tower (65 m) with 47 bells and it play a song every full hour from 7 o´clock until 9 o´clock in the evening.
Behind the city hall is it a Park called Vasaparken named after Gustav Vasa once king of Sweden.
If you look carefully, you can see a little red house up in the oak-tree...
It´s a hotell for two named hotell Hackspett (Hotel woodpecker). The artist Mikael Genberg has made it and there are another hotel on the lake Mälaren called Utter-inn (Otter-Inn). Yes, you sleep under water..

From the park we spotted the castle. During the period of Gustav Vasa, the castle was royal residence until 1638.
There are a nice litte creek called Svartån (blackcreek) floating through the city. Today the canoe-club held a competition. We sat down and watch it for a while. The big house in the picture are the old Town hall. it was the museum of art until a year ago. Maybe we will visit the new one later.
Before we went home, we just sat for awile in the sun and watched the nice view.
No mooses today either..but a lot of mushroom´s and tree´s and mushroom´s...everything was big and green and a little bit scary and beautiful at the same time. The mushroom´s tasted very good, we ate it for dinner:-)

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