Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I've got a invitation to Austria

Hi every one I've got a invitation to Austria to look there for Hans. Perhaps his way endet there. I will see...
But first I get my self ready. For the long journey from Stendal to Vienna. In the beautiful country of Austria I hope to find Hans. But if not I will have a lot of fun with my host. She will show me her best places to bee. And I am so glade to visit the Christmascountry number one in the world...
So here are some fotos of getting me ready.
I took my green hat and... big backpack.
But the most important thing is my camera!
Now I am ready!
I put every thing in my traveling envelope.
I procure that I don't get cold on the way to Vienna. Now my adventure can start!!!
I am so excited...

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