Monday, December 21, 2009

Freezing outside and getting warm inside a "Kaffeehaus"

The "Urania" inside is a theatre called "Kasperl", a Cinema and a "Fortbildungshochschule"
The big white ball on top is a astronomical observatory called "Sternwarte". In spring, summer and autumn you can watch stars there.
" Hundertwasser Haus" - 100waterhouse
I walked around but i did not find Hans. Where is he???
Inside the cafe "Zartl", an old "Kaffeehaus"
Pianoplayer and a theatre artist in an old Kaffeehaus in Vienna
She was the pianoplayer and I'm listing... Wonderful!

Did you know a "Kaffeehaus"? It is the livingroom for many people. They reading, learning, drinking coffee and listening to music. It is an olde tradition in ViennaThe Votivchurch by night.
Nice view, isn't it?

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