Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Between Christmas and New Year in Vienna

On the Roof is advertising for a children theatre
In memory of the holocaust. Made by artist Alfred Hrdlicka. He died November 2009.
A jewish man is cleaning the street.
House of Parliament
Innercity old streetnames.
Big lady on the fountain of "Raffael Donner".
This lady is looking at me.
The old Univerity of Vienna
Everybody is telling me a pig brings you luck. Maybe I'll find my friend Hans in 2010
100Water House of Art
100water said: Water, Air, Light and Sun is important...
The Fountain in the House of Art.
City Hall after Christkindlmarket and before Sylvester Night.
Empress Maria Theresia, she decides every child must go to school. She was married to Franz of Lothringen.
Mozart monument
Albertina, Museum of Art with modern Art of Albrecht Dürer. For example the "Rabbit" is here.
"Kapuzinergruft", in this House entombs the bodies of the Habsburg-Lothringen.
Last place for our Empires and Empresses Franz Joseph and Elisabeth.
The Mozart House here in Vienna
Mozart was a great Composer.
You think I'm Mozart... Isn't it??
The Pan-Fluit and Violine from Mozart made of brazen.
Museum of Nature opposite to the Museum of Art and in the middel of Maria Theresia.The Heldenplatz and a small part of Michaelchurch.
So many famous chocolate from the hotel Sacher in the coffe house.
Yummi, delicate "Sachertorte".

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