Friday, May 29, 2015

Second day at Disneyland

Today we left early again to go to Disneyland Paris. We spent all day at Disneyland, all the way untill the fireworks started.

We went to Disney Studio's, where Hans and Paul met Mike Wazowski from Monsters and Co. Mike was very friendly and let them sit on its head.

As the weather got better, we sat all together for a while, just eating our lunch and looking at all the people that were there as well. It was very crowded (as it almost always is in Disneyland). 
We joined many rides, but we were not always able to get some nice pictures.  Here is one from Orbitron, another favorite ride of us. Although Hans and Paul were not allowed to join the ride, they were allowed to sit on the small spaceship close to the ride (second picture).

 We also went to Autopia. The cars are too wobbly to take pictures when riding, but here is one just before we got on. We had 2 cars, Hans and Paul were with me in the car and of course we won!
The fireworks were awesome, they started at 22:30 uur so it was a VERY long stay at Disneyland that day!
So far for today!

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