Monday, May 25, 2015

Sinnesgänge Oberkaufungen

Today we visited the "Sinnesgänge" in Oberkaufungen. You can experiment with all your senses there. The different stations are in the former brick kilns of the old brick factory in Oberkaufungen
You can make the sound with your wet hands on the handles of the bowl and let the water sprinkel by the sound.
Here you can also make sound visible.
If you bow the metal plate, the sand forms beautyful symetric patterns.
Here is a humming stone, where you can put your head inside and hum. If you hit the right tone the stone will hum with you.
Here we watch a demonstration of water whirls.
At the barefoot path you can experience different undergrounds.
In this hallway you can feel different threads and  ropes all around your body.
The sand pendulum makes beautyful patterns. 

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