Monday, December 29, 2014

Boxing Day

It turns out that Boxing Day is all about shopping! The day after Christmas, Canadians go out really early to shop and the stores have huge discounts to bring people into their stores.
We were amazed with all the crowds of people who were out just a day after receiving Christmas presents!
And the line ups to get into some store were crazy long! Luckily Myra didn't want to go in those stores.
We thought about buying this board game to help us learn more about Canada.

We watched people making these interesting candy apples. We don't think we could tackle the double candy apple snowman!
These boots are styled like the Inuit kamiks or mukluks. They look like they would be very warm for the cold Canadian winters.
We got tired of walking around such a big shopping mall so we hitched a ride on this horse.
All the shopping made us hungry so Myra got us a Canadian snack called poutine. Originally from the province of Quebec, it has French fries, cheese curds, and gravy.

The three of us got bored with the shopping so Myra introduced us to some Canadian wildlife that happened to be in the mall. This brown bear was awfully mean.
This deer was much friendlier than the bear.
We found a hunting store with lots of animals to play with!
These moose were huge! We'll make sure we don't get them riled up.
We met a very tall polar bear.
We found that this black bear was much nicer than the brown bear.
Ummm, Hans? Are wolves friendly?
Paul told Myra that he caught a huge fish like this once! Hans just laughed!
We couldn't decide if we wanted to hang out with this bison or take a ride on the ATV behind him.
This bull must get awfully cold waiting out here to greet shoppers.
Well, that was enough shopping for us! We are ready for nap time. See you all later.

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