Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sight-seeing in Córdoba

Today we did a walk on the streets of Córdoba.
 Have a look! We met the Holy Father! Ok, not the real one... But him as a cardboard cut-out!
 Córdoba has many historical monuments left over from the colonial era. In the centre, near the Plaza San Martín square, is the Jesuit Cathedral, whose altar is made of stone and silver from Potosí. Every ornament inside is made of gold and the roof is all painted with different images from the Bible. Another important historic building is the Cabildo (colonial government house), located next to the church. The Jesuit Block, the Monserrat School, the University and the church of the Society of Jesus are also located in Córdoba.
 The city was declared in 2000 as UNESCO World Heritage!
At the moment we are traveling with Michaela from Uetze (Germany). But this days we are guests of Giuli and her family!.
 Here we are with Giuli and her mother! They are so nice to us!
 Here is a photo of the base of the monument.
 Córdoba is full of historical monuments.
 Here we are at the Plaza San Martín in the middle of Córdoba. Behinde us is the cathedral of the city.
Her we are in front of the Church Sagrado Corazón. The oldest in Argentina.

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