Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day trip to Schwerin

 Today Maria, a friendly woman from Stendal, took us along to Schwerin. The weather was fine! A good day for a trip with the train. First we had to wait at the station in Stendal.

Inside the train we found a nice place to sit. The view was great! So our journey started!
After two hours we arrived in Schwerin. Our first stop was the Schwerin castle! At the moment it is used as a parliament building for the parlament of the state Mecklenburg Hither Pomerania.

Near the castle we found a cave. We enjoyed to climb inside it.
At the Burgsee we tried to go fishing.
After a log time without a punch, we quit our fishing experiment.
After our fishing disaster we went into the city to drink coffee and eat a cupcake.
It really was a nice day in Schwerin! Thank you Maria to take us with you! 

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