Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas baking

Today Johannes wants to bake som christmas cookies with us! First we had to roll the dough.
 Than we have to choose some cookie cutter. "Hans, do you like this falling star?"
 Now we have to cut the cookies... It's hard work for us...
 "Look Hans here is the cookie cutter we brought along from Australia! Let's make some Australian cookies. Do you remember how nice the time with Kate and her family was?? A year ago we met her in New Zealand and she took us with her to Australia..." 
Until the cookies are done, we could relax sitting in the dough.
"Have a look, the kookaburra and the kangaroo cookie is done!"
"Lets eat tham! Yummy it tastes well."


  1. Yum! Baking stars with you lads last year in New Zealand was so much fun.

  2. mmmmm ..... It looks to have been a lot of fun !!! Christmas cookies are such a nice tradition :)