Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cottage Christmas

We arrived to Parainen today. There is our host summer house. We will celebrate christmas here. No snow...
But great scenery, still! We heard that we are not having christmastree here, but fortunately we have one at home. We heard too that it's tradition in Finland to go christmas sauna, but we think it was too much hot last time 
Hans took these photos.. We were walking around outside and suddenly heard sniffin' sound! Hund!
It was in her own worlds and didn't notice us at all...
What it found?
It noticed us! And it looks hungry and lonely. Let's see if it has dog collar..
No it don't! We thought maybe it's homeless. So we get it inside and gave it water and food. :) We named it Joulu, because it's Christmas eve when we found it and "Joulu" means "Christmas" in finnish.. :)

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  1. what a lovely dog !! and a beautiful scenery !